Top 10 Facts About The Men Who Killed Julius Caesar

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8. Lucius Pontius Aquila Was Driven to Murder by Petty Jabs

Originally, one of Caesar’s killers Lucius Pontius Aquila just wanted to stage a peaceful protest. He found ways to silently but defiantly show his opposition to Caesar’s growing power. When Caesar rode through Rome on a chariot, celebrating a victory in Spain, Aquila protested by refusing to stand up—a quiet little protest against a tyrant.

Caesar, though, would not let it go. When Aquila was sitting down, he goaded him, prophetically yelling at him, “Come then, Aquila! Take back the republic from me!”[3]

Aquila might have gotten over it, but Caesar dedicated an entire week to making fun of him. Over the next few days, every time he made a declaration at the senate, he would follow it with a smug, “That is, if Pontius Aquila will allow me.”

Shortly after, Aquila started meeting with conspirators and joined in on their plot to kill him. Which might just mean that one of Caesar’s murderers was there because he got bullied.

7. Caesar Also Slept with Servius Sulpicius’s Wife

Brutus was not the only conspirator who had to deal with watching a loved one make the walk of shame out of Caesar’s bedroom. Caesar slept with a lot of powerful men’s wives—including the wife of one of his assassins.

Servius Sulpicius was married to a woman named Posthumia, who, in the words of one Roman writer, was “debauched” by Julius Caesar. Like Brutus’s mother, Julius Caesar would spend a fortune buying gifts for Servius’s wife. Then he would send her home, decked out in jewelry, to a man who was quietly boiling over with murderous urges.

Most records of Servius’s life have him ineffectually complaining about Caesar, blaming him for not giving the senate enough respect, and accusing him of being the reason he lost the consular election.[4] Still, Servius won in the long run. Not only did he help kill Julius Caesar, but his great-grandson ended up becoming an Emperor of Rome.

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