These 10 Remarkable and Bizarre Crimes From History Make Modern Day Criminals Look Tame

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History is full of odd crimes and remarkable criminals, ranging from the grotesque to the audacious, and from criminal masterminds crazy as a fox, to ones who were just plain crazy. And while most crimes tend to be ho hum affairs, some crimes and criminals cannot help but grab people’s attention because of some aspect that makes them fascinating. Either because of the consummate skill and daring involved, or more often, because they were so nutty that they can not help attracting attention, just like a train wreck.

The motive for most crimes tends to be pretty straightforward. A murder is usually explained by the murderer being mad at the victim over something, or wanting him or her out of they because they posed an obstacle. If somebody robs a bank, it’s because they want the money. If somebody steals an object other than cash, it’s either because they want to sell and monetize it into cash, or make use of it. But then you have those crimes that stand out as odd, either because the motives seem irrational, or because of the sheer audacity of the criminal, or because of some other aspect that ends up shrouding the crime and criminal in weirdness.

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