20 Borderline Genius DIY Projects Featuring Magnets {Brilliant Ideas}

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6. Beer Storage

So, we’ve covered what to do with those bottle tops, now how about storing beer to begin with? This beer storage is great and really helps you to save space in the fridge. You just have to adhere strong magnets to the top of the fridge and then the beer bottles will stick up there, freeing up space below.

Available on: Amazon.com

7. Tool Keeper

If you tend to like doing your own handyman (or handywoman) work, and you’re tired of small tools, nails, and screws getting lost, this DIY magnetic wristband is perfect. It keeps those smaller items right there where you need them. I think this would also be great for sewing needles and such, and it’s a really easy project that requires just a basic amount of sewing.

Source and Instructions: myalteredstate

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