20 Borderline Genius DIY Projects Featuring Magnets {Brilliant Ideas}

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4. Mini Magnetic Garden

This little mini garden makes use of magnets as well as those old wine corks that you have lying around. If you don’t have any leftover corks, you can pick them up at any craft store for just a few cents each. They make great little planters and the magnets hold them perfectly on the side of the fridge or wherever you want to plant them. You can use this garden for succulents or have a little mini herb garden right there in the kitchen.

Source and Instructions: itallstartedwithpaint

5. Beer Opener

Any man cave is going to need this cool magnetic beer bottle top storage system and opener. Not only does it keep your opener within reach, it gives you a great place to store those caps instead of having them sitting around on tables and counters. This is one of the easiest projects in the collection, and one of the handiest, too.

Source and Instructions: instructables

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