15 Super Weird DIY Projects That Are Actually Kind Of Genius

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I love a good DIY project. In fact, I’ll probably try anything at least once. Some of my favorite DIY projects started off a bit weird but ended up being super useful or really cool. Sometimes a seemingly weird DIY like slime goes viral and turns out to be cool. Other times, DIY projects that are seemingly great turn out to be horrible.

It might seem a bit weird, but I’d definitely try these DIYs. Let me tell you why.

1. I normally would be against DIY snow, because who wants that?!

But the best part of snow is playing with it, and with this DIY you never have to step foot in the cold to experience the joy of building snowmen again.

2. Ever wanted to look just like a mermaid unicorn?

When rainbow highlighter first came out, it was kind of pricey. So a makeup artist took it upon herself to make her own. And it’s so magical.

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