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The Battle of San Jacinto, which takes its name from San Jacinto River, took place on April 21, 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas. Part of the Texas Revolution of 1835–36, it was fought between a Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna and the Texian force of Sam Houston. In one of the most one sided battles in history, the Texian soldiers crushed Santa Anna’s men in 18 minutes ensuring the success of the revolution. Know about the cause, events, outcome and significance of the Battle of San Jacinto through these 10 interesting facts.

1 Battle of San Jacinto was part of the Texas Revolution

Following the Mexican War of Independence (1810 – 1821) against Spain, Texas became a part of Mexico. Due to influx of immigrants from the United States, soon the Americans outnumbered the resident Mexicans in the region. In the 1830s, under President Santa Anna, the Mexican government shifted away from federalism and towards centralism. The1824 Constitution of Mexico was repealed and a provisional centralist system was established. This angered the federalists in Texas leading to unrest in the region which the Mexican authorities blamed on the U.S. immigrants. InOctober 1835, Texians attacked the Mexican troops thus initiating the Texas Revolution.

2 It was preceded by Texian defeat at the Battle of the Alamo and the Goliad massacre

On March 6, 1836, a Mexican army led by Santa Anna recaptured the Alamo, located in present day city of San Antonio in Texas. The Alamo had been previously captured by the Texians and Santa Anna had vowed revenge and ordered his troops to take no prisoners. All 182 to 257 Texians involved in the Battle of the Alamo were killed but they did provide brave resistance before falling. Also, on March 27, the Goliad massacre took place in which around 350 Texian captives, who had surrendered at Battle of Coleto, were killed by the Mexican Army under orders from Santa Anna.

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