10 Important Historical Letters Nearly Lost To Time

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9. Queen Elizabeth II To President Eisenhower

In 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first United States president to entertain the Queen of England. The queen enjoyed her stay and repaid the kind gesture by inviting the president and his wife over to Balmoral, Scotland, two years later. During the visit, it seemed the president could not get over the taste of the queen’s drop scones off his mind. Five months after the visit, the queen wrote a letter to him that included her own personal recipe for the royal drop scones.

The letter, which was sent on January 24, 1960, was inspired by a photograph of the president barbecuing a quail in a newspaper. The recipe contained helpful hints on how to make the meal—enough to feed 16 people. The queen advised that when prepared for fewer than 16 people, the flour and milk should be reduced. She ended her letter with remarks of how much she and her family enjoyed the president’s visit.

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