10 Brutal Facts About The Legendary Pirate Blackbeard

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He Shared His Wives With His Crew As A Gift

Blackbeard was surprisingly popular with women. Throughout his life, he reportedly got married 14 times—although for the women, that wasn’t necessarily the happiest day of their lives.

The pirate was sentimental went it came to women, and it was said that he treated every woman he married “like his first love.” He would insist they get married—although, being a notorious pirate, he couldn’t exactly go to church for the ceremony. Instead, he would have one of his men conduct a mock wedding on the ship.

Perhaps, at first, it was exciting for the girls, holding hands with a pirate and promising to be his for all time. When the honeymoon began, though, they quickly learned why none of Blackbeard’s weddings lasted. After their first night together, it’s said that he would call in his men.

“It was his custom to invite five or six of his brutal companions to come ashore,” it was said. “He would force her to prostitute herself to them all, one after another, before his face.

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