10 Bone-Chilling Facts About The Catacombs Of Paris

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Unknown Groups Have Run Clandestine Operations Down There

In 2004, police who were undertaking a training exercise in the Catacombs stumbled upon something completely unexpected. When exploring a secluded area of the vast tunnel system, they discovered a giant cinema room, fully equipped with a screen, equipment, and a restaurant and bar, all facilitated by professionally installed phone and power lines. Spookier still was the fact that a secret camera was snapping photos of the officers as they passed into the entrance.

A Flood Of Corpses

Paris’s original hot spot to be buried at (before the Catacombs took the reins) was Les Innocents, the city’s oldest and most used graveyard. There was one problem, though: As alluded to above, by the time the 18th century rolled around, so many people had been buried there that it had became overcrowded. Nearby residents began complaining of the pungent smell of death that was overtaking the entire city.

“Overcrowded” is probably an understatement, seeing that after a floodbroke the perimeter of the cemetery, bodies buried there began overflowing out onto the ground. During the 1780s, people started exhuming bodies from all the old cemeteries and burying them in what we now know as the Catacombs, and the rest is history.

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