10 Bone-Chilling Facts About The Catacombs Of Paris

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They’re Bigger Than You Think

While the remains of six million people are scattered throughout the tunnels, most were laid within burial chambers known as ossuaries, in which tours are often held. The thing is, more tunnels surround the Catacombs. These tunnels were made by Parisian quarry miners before some were used as cemeteries.

While it’s estimated that there are around 320 kilometers (200 mi) of tunnels, not all of them have been mapped, and the rest is uncharted territory. It really makes you wonder what else is lurking down in those tunnels.

Roamers Are Using The Catacombs As A Secret Swimming Spot

Apparently, the idea of heading down to the local swimming pool (or using a friend’s) just isn’t satisfying enough for some people. Instead, they’ll take a trip down into the depths of the Catacombs for a refreshing dip in some secret, unmapped pools of water which have become known among fellow cataphiles as impromptu swimming pools.

Of course, you’d have to have connections to get to places like these. Reportedly, you also have to wade through murky waters and claustrophobia-inducing tunnels before you hit the “oasis,” which, in this case, is a swimming hole located in a giant underground graveyard.

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